JSP Star Rating System Script

FREE Five Star Rating System Script that can be added in any web page with jsp support. A file based script developed using jsp. This give your users a chance to rate on your articles, tutorials, photos, images or whatever you want on a scale of 1-5 stars.


  • FREE 5 Star Rating System that can be added in to any web page to rate articles, tutorials, photos and images.
  • File based script to rate your web page.
  • Script displays the average of ratings on a scale of 1-5 Stars.
  • No configurations required
  • Easy to install and use.
  • The script checks for duplicate votes by checking the clients IP address.
  • The script rating will be specific to web pages.
  • URL based rating.



  • Version 1.0 - HSR.zip
  • Release Date - 11/06/2008
  • Get free version without ©copyright link for just $10/-
  • For customization of this script or any script development, mail to support@hscripts.com


  • Unzip the HSR.zip, you will get the files.
  • Create txt file and store the ip,url,date and ratevalue.
  • Set read, write permission for the file HSR/createfile.txt,HSR/passwo.jsp.
  • Visit HSR code page using HSR/code.jsp.
  • Get the code from the page and use in other pages where ever you want Star Rating System to be shown.
  • Register for new version updates.
  • E.g: ./index.php and ./index.php?arg=1 will be treated as different web pages.
  • Note: Your *.html file should be changed as *.php files.

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