HIOX Captcha Image maker (HCIC 1.0)

CAPTCHA: Telling Humans and Computers Apart Automatically.

  • The term CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing-test to tell Computers and Humans Apart".
  • A CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot.
  • The CAPTCHA security code works by asking the website visitor to type in the code they see correctly.A human can do this, but an automated computer program cannot.
  • With our free utility HCIC (HIOX Captcha Image maker) you can create a random security image on every reload of your web page.The image is created by using the combinations of 62 alphanumerical characters.


  • HIOX Captcha Image maker is a powerful and fully customizable JSP Script that generates Captcha Images.
  • The Security codes created randomly can be checked for human authentication.
  • You can validate the form by using the captcha image verification tool.
  • Easy to install, very customizable and easy to configure.
  • Just use our HCIC script, simply by downloading the code.


Click on below link to view the validation form.

Captcha Validation Form

To view the random pictures of security codes created just reload the page and you can see the different picture created below.




  • Unzip HCIC.zip. you will get HCIC/Cap_Img.jsp, form.jsp and validate.jsp.
  • To use Captcha Random picture choose script in your page:
  • Just paste the following code in your page where ever you want the image verification tool to be displayed.
  •   <%@include "./HCIC/Cap_Img.jsp" %> (or) <img src="./HCIC/Cap_Img.jsp">
  • Use this security code program for human recognition and keep spammers out of your website.


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