Jquery Spinning Menu script with lavalamp effect

JQuery Spinning Menu script to give a beautiful spin lavalamp effect to your website menu navigation.


  • Jquery smart spin menu that revolves around it's own axis.
  • Flash like menu using jquery that works on lavalamp effect.
  • Menu with rectangle slider, which can be personalized with different spinning looks.
  • Easily customizable CSS that works on almost all modern browsers.


JQuery Spinning Menu with Lavalamp effect



  • Download and unzip the spinning-menu-navigation.zip file.
  • Follow the instruction given in 'read me file' to know more information.
  • Use this spinning menu script on your webpage to view the lava lamp effect.


  • This Jquery code is given under GPL License
  • i.e. Free use for those who use the codes as it is.
  • Free, if your modification does not remove our copyright information and links.
  • Detailed License information can be found here.
  • You can purchase the script if your requirements does not meet our GPL License terms.

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