Jquery Add, Remove, Replace Class

Add, remove and replace the css styles using jquery script.


  • Add button allows to add the desired style.
  • Remove button helps to remove the default style.
  • Replace button is used to replace the default style.
  • Responsive and easy to integrate.


Jquery Add, Remove, Replace Class
This is add class div
This is replace class div


<!--Scripts by hscripts.com-->
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function add(id,cls){

function removestyle(id,cls){

function replace(id,cls,replacecls){



  • Release Date - 10-06-2015
  • Get free version without ©copyright link for just $10/-
  • For customization of this script or any script development, mail to support@hscripts.com


  • Copy and paste the above code into your HTML page.
  • To add class, add() function is called with two arguements id and classname.
  • The first arguement should be the id of the content for which you want to change.
  • The second arguement should be the name of the class for which you want to add class.
  • You should give the desired style inside classname.
  • Same process is done for both remove and replace class.


  • This Jquery code is given under GPL License
  • i.e. Free use for those who use the codes as it is.
  • Free, if your modification does not remove our copyright information and links.
  • Detailed License information can be found here.
  • You can purchase the script if your requirements does not meet our GPL License terms.

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