JavaScript Online Tetris Game

This is a free online java script game. The tetris is a falling-blocks puzzle game. In this game the user tries to arrange the blocks without any gap in the specified time frame.


  • This is a free online javascript tetris game.
  • You can set the timeframe as you wish.
  • Try to put together the blocks in a single row filling all the blocks in the row without any gap.
  • Speed increases when you increase the level.
  • Bonus point will be awarded when you clear multiple rows.
  • A time of 10 seconds is added to your time for each row cleared.
  • This script is free for download.
  • Start using our free tetris game.




  • Unzip the to extract the files htetris/tetrisgame.html, htetris/README.txt.
  • To execute this script just run htetris/tetrisgame.html file.
  • To Set/Change the time frame just enter the time in milliseconds.
  •   var fixtime=120000; // Set time in Milliseconds
    1000 milliseconds = 1 second.

    How to Play:
  • Ue up arrow key to rotate the blocks clockwise.
  • Ue down arrow key to move down the blocks faster.


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