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Here you can find variety of online statistics calculators to solve problems with Javascript Code. These calculators can allow you to compute basic and advanced calculations. All calculators are easy to integrate into your web page.

World Population Counter
This free javascript helps you to estimate the current world population. This free java script is developed based on simple math calculation, this java script increases 2.4452 people per second.This script mainly used for find the people statistics.
Sample Mean and Covariance Calculator
Sample Mean and Covariance Calculator, is used to calculate the values of two or more variables from the set of data. Its an online probability and statistics tool to calculate the values of X mean, Y mean and Covariance (X,Y).
Binomial Distribution Calculator
Binomial distribution calculator, allows you to calculate binomial probabilities without using lengthy equations.
Coefficient of Variation Calculator in Javascript
Coefficient of variation is represented as the ratio of the standard deviation to the mean . It is also know as unitized risk. This calculator helps to find out the coefficient of variation for set of numbers.
Linear Regression Calculator
Simple Linear Regression Calculator, helps to calculate the relationship between two variables by the given equation.
Weighted Mean Calculator
Online javascript calculator helps to calculate the weighted average / mean of set of numbers with different levels of relevance (weight).

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