Pregnancy Calculator

Free calculator which helps to calculate the pregnancy due date and conception date.


  • Estimate due date and conception date of your baby.
  • It is not an exact calculation, just an assumption.
  • This is a free javascript calculator.
  • Just copy and paste the code of pregnancy calculator into your webpage and use it.


Pregnancy Calculation

Due Date, Conception Date Calculation Results:



script Code

<!--Script by>
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<title>Free Pregnancy Calculator | Due Date, Conception Date Calculation </title>
<script type="text/javascript">
function calc()
var day = document.first.len11.value;
var mon = document.first.len12.value;
var year = document.first.len13.value;
var ylen = year.length;
var curd = new Date(year,mon-1,day);
var res2 = curd.getMonth();
var res = new Date();
var diff =
- Date.UTC(curd.getFullYear(),curd.getMonth()-1,curd.getDay(),0,0,0);
var secleft = diff/1000/60;
var hrsleft = secleft/60;
var daysleft = hrsleft/24;
//if(res2 == (mon-1) && daysleft < 300 && year!="")
if (year!="" && ylen>3)
var fd1 = new Date(year, mon-1, parseInt(day)+10);
document.first.fd1.value = d[fd1.getDay()]+", "+m[fd1.getMonth()]+" "+fd1.getDate()+", "+fd1.getFullYear();
var fd2 = new Date(year, mon-1, parseInt(day)+20);
document.first.fd2.value = d[fd2.getDay()]+", "+m[fd2.getMonth()]+" "+fd2.getDate()+", "+fd2.getFullYear();
var cd = new Date(year, mon-1, parseInt(day)+14); = d[cd.getDay()]+", "+m[cd.getMonth()]+" "+cd.getDate()+", "+cd.getFullYear();
var fte = new Date(year, mon-1, parseInt(day)+84);
document.first.fte.value = d[fte.getDay()]+", "+m[fte.getMonth()]+" "+fte.getDate()+", "+fte.getFullYear();
var ste = new Date(year, mon-1, parseInt(day)+189);
document.first.ste.value = d[ste.getDay()]+", "+m[ste.getMonth()]+" "+ste.getDate()+", "+ste.getFullYear();
var dd = new Date(year, mon-1, parseInt(day)+280);
document.first.dd.value = d[dd.getDay()]+", "+m[dd.getMonth()]+" "+dd.getDate()+", "+dd.getFullYear();
alert("Invalid Date");
function isNumber(evt) {evt = (evt) ? evt : window.event;var charCode = (evt.which) ? evt.which : evt.keyCode;if (charCode > 31 && (charCode < 48 || charCode > 57)) {return false;}return true;
function chk(){
var sds = document.getElementById('dum');
if(sds == null){alert("You are using a free package.\n You are not allowed to remove the tag.\n");
var sdss = document.getElementById("dumdiv");
if(sdss == null){alert("You are using a free package.\n You are not allowed to remove the tag.\n");}
color: #3D366F; font-size:13px;
width:45% !important;
.frms {border: 1px solid #ddd;border-radius: 0.3em;color: #333;font-family: Tahoma,Geneva,sans-serif;font-size: 0.9em;line-height: 1.2em;margin: 0 auto;padding: 10px;width:50%;
.frms input[type="text"], [type="password"], [type="file"], textarea, select {background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #fff;border: 1px solid #ddd;border-radius: 0.35em;height: 35px;margin-bottom: 15px;margin-top: 5px;padding: 0 0.5%;width: 99%;
.frms input[type="submit"], input[type="reset"], input[type="button"], button, .yellow_button, .blue_button {border: medium none;border-radius: 0.3em;color: #fff;cursor: pointer;font-weight: bold;margin: 10px 0;padding: 7px 14px;
.frms input[type="reset"] {background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #ee765d;border-bottom: 3px solid #d95e44;text-shadow: 1px 1px 0 #8c3736;
input[type="button"], button, .blue_button {background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #468cd2;border-bottom: 3px solid #3277bc;text-shadow: 1px 1px 0 #214d73;
{padding: 16px;
@media only screen and (max-width:480px)
{.frms {width:90% !important;}.tbox
width:95% !Important;
}.frms input[type="text"], [type="password"], [type="file"], textarea, select {width:95% !important;}}
<div class='resp_code'>
<p align='center'><h2 align='center'>Pregnancy Calculator
<div class='clear'></div>
<form id='tab' name=first class='frms'>
<div align='center'><label>Date of Last Menstrual Period:</label></div><br>
<div class="group_con">
<label class='leftt'>Date </label><select name=len11><option name=1 value=1>1</option>
<option name=2 value=2>2</option><option name=3 value=3>3</option><option name=4 value=4>4</option>
<option name=5 value=5>5</option><option name=6 value=6>6</option><option name=7 value=7>7</option><option name=8 value=8>8</option>
<option name=9 value=9>9</option><option name=10 value=10>10</option><option name=11 value=11>11</option>
<option name=12 value=12>12</option><option name=13 value=13>13</option><option name=14 value=14>14</option>
<option name=15 value=15>15</option><option name=16 value=16>16</option><option name=17 value=17>17</option>
<option name=18 value=18>18</option><option name=19 value=19>19</option><option name=20 value=20>20</option>
<option name=21 value=21>21</option><option name=22 value=22>22</option><option name=23 value=23>23</option>
<option name=24 value=24>24</option><option name=25 value=25>25</option><option name=26 value=26>26</option>
<option name=27 value=27>27</option><option name=28 value=28>28</option><option name=29 value=29>29</option>
<option name=30 value=30>30</option><option name=31 value=31>31</option>
<div class="group_con"><label class='leftt'>Month</label><select name=len12><option name=1 value=1>1</option>
<option name=2 value=2>2</option><option name=3 value=3>3</option><option name=4 value=4>4</option><option name=5 value=5>5</option>
<option name=6 value=6>6</option><option name=7 value=7>7</option><option name=8 value=8>8</option><option name=9 value=9>9</option>
<option name=10 value=10>10</option><option name=11 value=11>11</option><option name=12 value=12>12</option></select>
<div class='group_con'><label class='leftt'>Year</label>
<input name=len13 type=text onkeypress="return isNumber(event)" maxlength='4'>
<div align='center'><input type=button
name=cc value=Calculate onClick="calc()">
<input type="reset" value="Reset">
<div align='center'><h5>Due Date, Conception Date Calculation Results:</h5></div><label class='leftt'>Estimated Fertility Dates :</label><br><br>
<span><input type=text readonly
class='tbox' name=fd1 style='float:left;'></span>
<span class='new'>
<span><input type=text readonly
class='tbox' name=fd2> </span><div> <label class='leftt'>Estimated Conception Date :</label>
<input type=text readonly name=cd> </div><div> <label class='leftt'>First Trimester Ends(12 Weeks) :</label>
<input type=text readonly name=fte> </div>
<div> <label class='leftt'>Second Trimester Ends(27 Weeks):</label>
<input type=text readonly name=ste> </div>
<div> <label class='leftt'>Estimated Due Date(40 Weeks) :</label>
<input type=text readonly name=dd> </div><script type="text/javascript"></script>
<div id="dumdiv" align="center" style=" font-size: 10px;color: #dadada;"><a id="dum" style="padding-right:0px; text-decoration:none;color: green;text-align:center;" href="">&copy;h</a></div>

  • Release Date - 21-05-2015
  • Get free version without ©copyright link for just $10/-
  • For customization of this script or any script development, mail to


  • Copy and paste the above code in your webpage.
  • Save and run the file in your browser. Now you will get the pregnancy calculator.
  • Select the date and month from the drop down and enter the year of your last menstrual periods.
  • Function calc() will calculate and bring out the result of your expected fertility dates and also estimates your pregnancy due date.


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