Password Strength Checker Javascript

Javascript strength checker/meter that allows you to test the strongness of your password.


  • Categorise your passwords as strong, good or weak.
  • Usage of numbers and special characters yields best results.
  • Provides simple and reliable strength indications.
  • Type in the text box below to check the intensity.


Password checker

Type your password to check how strong it is:


<!-- Script by -->
<script type="text/javascript">
var pass_strength;
function IsEnoughLength(str,length)
{if ((str == null) || isNaN(length))return false;else if (str.length < length)return false;return true;
function HasMixedCase(passwd)
if(passwd.match(/([a-z].*[A-Z])|([A-Z].*[a-z])/))return true;elsereturn false;
function HasNumeral(passwd)
return true;elsereturn false;
function HasSpecialChars(passwd)
if(passwd.match(/.[!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,?,_,~]/))return true;elsereturn false;
function CheckPasswordStrength(pwd)
{if (IsEnoughLength(pwd,14) && HasMixedCase(pwd) && HasNumeral(pwd) && HasSpecialChars(pwd))pass_strength = "<b><font style='color:olive'>Very strong</font></b>";else if (IsEnoughLength(pwd,8) && HasMixedCase(pwd) && (HasNumeral(pwd) || HasSpecialChars(pwd)))pass_strength = "<b><font style='color:Blue'>Strong</font></b>";
else if (IsEnoughLength(pwd,8) && HasNumeral(pwd))pass_strength = "<b><font style='color:Green'>Good</font></b>";
elsepass_strength = "<b><font style='color:red'>Weak</font></b>";
document.getElementById('pwd_strength').innerHTML = pass_strength;
function ctck()
{var sds = document.getElementById("dum");if(sds == null){
alert("You are using a free package.\n You are not allowed to remove the tag.\n");}var sdss = document.getElementById("dumdiv");if(sdss == null){alert("You are using a free package.\n You are not allowed to remove the tag.\n");
document.onload ="ctck()";

<!-- Script by -->


<!-- Script by -->
<form name=df style='margin:0px;'>
<input type=password length=20 name='pwd' onkeyup='CheckPasswordStrength(this.value);'>
<div id='pwd_strength'></div>

<div style="padding-right:850px; font-size: 10px;color: #dadada;" id="dumdiv" align=center>

<a href="" id="dum" style="text-decoration:none;color: #dadada;">©h</a></div>

<!-- Script by -->
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  • Execute the code by just copying and pasting it.
  • Use this simplified password strength meter script on your web page.


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