Mouse-cursor Change Script

 This javascript is used to change the style of mouse cursor while moving along some sentence.


  • You can change style of cursor while moving.
  • Just copy the code and use it.


Mouse Cursor Change
Move the mouse pointer over this line.


Javascript Code
<!-- Script by --> <div id="fm" align=center> <u><font color=brown>Move the cursor over this line.</font></u> <script type ="text/javascript"> document.getElementById("fm").style.cursor="url(hmousecursor-change/Arrow.yellow.cur)"; </script>
<!-- Script by -->


  • Unzip the download.
  • You will get hmouse-cursor/Arrow.yellow.cur and README files.
  • Copy the above javascript code in to your page, set id as fm where you want to change the cursor.
  • In the above code, "url(Arrow.yellow.cur)" is used to change style of the cursor.
  • If you want to use your own image as a mouse cursor, then copy the image into hmousecursor-change folder and rename the image as Arrow.yellow.cur inorder to get the mouse cursor change.


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