Javascript LCM Calculator

LCM calculator is used to find the least common denominator of given positive numbers, Since it is a multiple, it can be divided by given numbers without a remainder.


  • Used to calculate the smallest multiple of two or more numbers.
  • Handy tool to determine the least common denominator (LCD) of given numbers.
  • This works fine for natural numbers.


LCM/LCD Calculation :
Number of Values:


Javascript Code

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<script type="text/javascript">
function calculate()
{var tot=document.getElementById("tot").value;var count=2;if(tot>1){var n1=document.getElementById("txt0").value;var n2=document.getElementById("txt1").value;var res1=n1*n2;n1=calc(n1,n2);lcm=res1/n1;while(count<tot){var gg="txt"+count;n2=document.getElementById(gg).value;res1=lcm*n2;n1=calc(n1,n2);var lcmv=calc(lcm,n2);lcm=res1/lcmv;count=count+1;}
function calc(n1,n2)
{var num1,num2;if(n1 < n2){ num1=n1;num2=n2;
}else{num1=n2;num2=n1;}var remain=num2%num1;while(remain>0){num2=num1;num1=remain;remain=num2%num1;}return num1;
}function newtextbox(val)
{if(val<6){var dd=document.getElementById('new1'); var en=document.getElementById('va').style.display='block';if(dd.innerHTML==""){for(var i=0;i<val;i++){var textbox=document.createElement('input');textbox.setAttribute("type","text");var textname="txt"+i;textbox.setAttribute("id",textname);textbox.setAttribute("size","4");dd.appendChild(textbox);}}else{for(var i=0;i<val;i++){var gg="txt"+i;dd.removeChild(document.getElementById(gg));document.location.reload(); }}} else{alert("Enter values upto 5 only");}

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<table align=center style='border:1px solid green;color: #3D366F;font-size:13px;'>
<form name=frm>
<tr><td>Total Numbers:</td>
<td><input type="text" id="tot" name="tot" value="" size="4" onkeyup="newtextbox(this.value)">
<tr><td id=va style='display:none;'>Values:</td>
<td id='new1'></td></tr>
<tr><td align=center colspan=2><input type="button" onclick="calculate()" value="LCM">
<a href='' style='text-decoration:none;font-size:10;color:green;'>H</a></td></tr>
<tr><td align=right id=re colspan=2 style='display:none;'>
LCM of the above numbers:<input type="text" name="resul" id="resul" value="" readonly size="4"></td></tr>
  • Release Date - 30-07-2009
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  • By Copying the javascript code into your HTML page, you can make use of this script to find the smallest multiple of given number.
  • Here,the function "calculate()" is used to find the least common denominator of the given numbers.
  • This is a simple calculator, all done with a button click to find LCD .


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