Leap Year

This script function will validate the given year for leap year.


  • The javascript function will return true if the passed argument is a leap year else returns false.
  • Just copy the code in to your page and use it.


Enter a year [ ex: 2020 ] -



<!-- Script by hscripts.com -->
<script type="text/javascript">
function checkleapyear(datea)
{datea = parseInt(datea);if(datea%4 == 0)
{if(datea%100 != 0)
{return true;
{if(datea%400 == 0)return true;
elsereturn false;}}
return false;
function isLeapYear()
{var df = document.sd.yv.value;if(df!= "" && parseInt(df)){var res = checkleapyear(df);if(res)
{document.sd.val.style.color = "green";document.sd.val.value = df+" is a leap year";}
document.sd.val.style.color = "#9a235d";
document.sd.val.value = df+" is
not a leap year";
document.sd.val.value = df+" is
not a leap year";}}else
{alert("Enter a proper value");
return false;
function isInteger(s)
var i;s = s.toString();for (i = 0; i < s.length; i++){var c = s.charAt(i);if (isNaN(c)) {
alert("Given value is not a number");return false;}}return true;
<form name=sd method=post action="" onsubmit="return isLeapYear()">
Enter a year [ ex: 2020 ] - <input name=yv type=text onKeyup="isInteger(this.value)"><input type=submit value=go><br>
<input type=text name=val size=30 style="background-color:white; border:0px; margin:0px; color: #9a235d;" readonly>
<!-- Script by hscripts.com -->

  • Release Date - 5-2-2005
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  • Just copy the code and use it for free.


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