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Download here the collection of health / medical calculators for free. Simply copy and paste the Java script sample codes into your webpage to use the free health / medical calculators. Useful Javascript sample codes for web developers and programmers.

Calorie Calculator Script
Use this simple calculator to check out the amount of calories that your body require for a day. You can also calculate the fat, protein, carbohydrate content that you need to intake on daily basis. Use this simple calculator for free and know more about your body health.
Javascript Age Calculator
This Javascript Age calculator is used to calculate your age.This age calculator is used to calculate the age,number of days and seconds from the given date or from the day your birth.
BMI Calculator Script, Body Mass Index Calculation
A simple script that allows you to identify whether you have a healthy or an unhealthy body weight by calculating the body mass index. This BMI calculator takes the value of height and weight for this calculation.
Pregnancy Calculator
Free calculator which helps to calculate the pregnancy due date and conception date.

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