Javascript Checkbox Click Game

This is a free online checkbox click game in javascript, in which a player should select the maximum number of check box in the given period of time.


  • To start this online checkbox click game, click the square box or check box present.
  • Time will be displayed while playing this java script checkbox click online computer game.
  • After the specified time is over a message with the number of selected check box will be displayed.
  • Download the free javascript checkbox click game code and use it.


Quick Click Game



  • Unzip the to extract the files hcheckbox-click/checkbox-click.js and hcheckbox-click/README.txt.
  • To use this check box click game, you have to include the following javascript code into your page as,
  •  <!-- Script by -->
    <script type="text/javascript" src="hcheckbox-click/checkbox-click.js"></script>
    <!-- Script by -->
  • Make sure the downloaded folder and the file in which the code is included are in the same path.


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