Javascript Buzzy Game

This is a free online Buzzy or Reflex Game in javascript, the purpose of this game is to test speed and reflexes. The objective of this game is to click on as many Green Boxes as possible. The time limit is 60 seconds.


  • To start this online Buzzy or Reflex Game , click the start button.
  • Random Grid squares will appear inside the table. Click the grids as many as possible.
  • Time and score will be displayed while playing this Buzzy or Reflex game.
  • Message with the number of grids clicked will be displayed when the time over.
  • Download the free javascript checkbox click game code and use it.


Buzzy or Reflex game



  • Unzip the to extract the files hbuzzy-game/buzzy.js and hbuzzy-game/README.txt.
  • To use this Buzzy or Reflex games, you have to include the following javascript file into your page.
  •   <!-- Script by -->
    <script type="text/javascript" src="hbuzzy-game/buzzy.js">
    <!-- Script by -->


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