Our scripts or software are given under GPL License.

The formal terms of the GPL license can be found in the GNU General Public License section.

Please note that the General Public License can be restrictive, so if it doesn't meet your needs, you are better served by our Commercial License.


  • HIOX scripts is free use for those who are 100% GPL. If your application is licensed under GPL or compatible OSI license, you are free to ship any GPL software with your application ('application' means any type of software application, system, tool or utility).
  • Free use for those who never copy, modify or distribute. As long as you never distribute (internally or externally) the HIOX Scripts in any way, you are free to use it for powering your application, irrespective of whether your application is under GPL license or not.
  • You are allowed to modify HIOX Software source code any way you like as long as the distributed derivative work is licensed under the GPL as well. You are never permitted to remove our copyrigt information or links from the products.