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This function is used to show an image or an url to display on a specific dates which are defined by a user

<?php function imagedate(){ $date = "date.txt"; $fileread = fopen($date, "r"); $dateToshow = fread($fileread, filesize($date)); fclose($fileread); $array = explode("y",$dateToshow); foreach($array as $item){ $arr = explode(" ",$item); if(date("Y-m-d") == $arr[0]){ $val = $arr[1]; $result = TRUE; break; }else{ $result = FALSE; } } if($result){ return $val; }else{ $def = explode(" ",$array[0]); return $def[2]; } } $url = imagedate(); echo '<a href="'.$url.'">'.$url.'</a>'; ?> /*******************Text Document************************************/ default 2010-12-17 /images/index.gif 2011-01-01 /images/index1.gif 2011-01-14 /images/index2.gif


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