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How do you detect country using PHP code?

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The below PHP code is used to detect your website visitors country. Here, you have to download "simple_html_dom.php" file and include into it. You can easily find the country name using visitors IP address.

<?php function get_country($ipaddr) { include_once('./simple_html_dom.php'); $urll="$ipaddr"; $html = file_get_html("$urll"); $whohtml=array(); $w=0; foreach($html->find('table tr td') as $element) { $whohtml[$w]=$element->plaintext; $w++; } $country=str_replace("Country :","","$whohtml[0]"); $country=str_replace("()","","$country"); return $country; } $ipaddr=""; //$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; echo get_country($ipaddr); ?>


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