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How to use accept command in linux?

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The accept command which allows you to extract the print requests for the named destination. The destination can be printer or class of printer. Here, a printer named HUAWEIMobile-Pcui attached to your PC running Linux/Unix system. The steps to print a document is given below.

To enable printer: $ enable HUAWEIMobile-Pcui To check the status of printer, run lpstat command: $lpstat -a -p HUAWEIMobile-Pcui The output shown will be as follows: HUAWEIMobile-Pcui not accepting requests since Oct 01 00:00 printer HUAWEIMobile-Pcui is idle. enabled since Oct 01 00:00 Use accept command to have the printer accept requests: $accept HUAWEIMobile-Pcui


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