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How to implement java swing abstractaction?

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Swing in java describes a graphical user interface for applications. Swing abstractaction method is an useful mechanism which is used to get and set methods for action listeners and it can be shared and co-ordinated. You need to specify the what action should be action performed. Here, this program focus on the creation of an action for Menu.

ActionExample.java: import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.border.*; public class ActionExample extends JPanel { public JMenuBar menuBar; public JToolBar toolBar; public ActionExample() { super(true); menuBar = new JMenuBar(); menuBar.setBorder(new BevelBorder(BevelBorder.RAISED)); JMenu menu = new JMenu("Menu"); menuBar.add(menu); toolBar = new JToolBar(); toolBar.setBorder(new EtchedBorder()); SampleAction exampleAction = new SampleAction("Clicked", new ImageIcon("action.gif")); menu.add(exampleAction); toolBar.add(exampleAction); } class SampleAction extends AbstractAction { public SampleAction(String text, Icon icon) { super(text,icon); } public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { System.out.println("Action [" e.getActionCommand() "] performed!"); } } public static void main(String s[]) { ActionExample example = new ActionExample(); JFrame frame = new JFrame("Action Example"); frame.setJMenuBar(example.menuBar); frame.getContentPane().add(example.toolBar, BorderLayout.NORTH); frame.setSize(200,200); frame.setVisible(true); } }


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