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ListView Control Properties in VB.NET

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What are the properties of listview control in VB.NET?

ListView Properties

     Following tables lists the commonly used Properties, Events, Methods of the ListView Control in Visual Basic.net 2008.


Properties Description
Alignment Text alignment is set using this property either to right or left by giving values 0 or 1
Backcolor Property used to set the background color.
Font This property is used to specify Font style for the control.
Width This property is used to specify the width of the control.
Items Property used get the list items.
Scrollable Property is used to get or set if the scroll bar should be visible.
Columns Property is used to get the collection of all column headers.
BackgroundImage Property used to set or get the background image displayed.
BackgroundImageTiled Property used to set or get a value indicating whetherthe background image should be tiled.
SelectedItem Property is used to get the items selected in the Control.
SmallImageList Property is used to get or set the image list for for displaying the items.
TopItem Property used to set or get the first visible item in the control.


Method Description
BeginUpdate Method used to turn off the visual updating of the control until the EndUpdate.
EndUpdate Method used to resume visual updating of the control.
ArrangeIcons Method used for the displaying iocns as large or small.
Clear Method used to clear all items.
GetItemAt Method used to get the item at the x,y coordinates specified.


Events Description
AfterLableEdit Triggered when the label has been edited.
BeforeLableEdit Triggered before the label is edited.
ColumnClick Triggered when the column is clicked.
ItemActivate Triggered when the item is activated.
ItemCheck Triggered when the item is checked.
SelectedIndexChanged Triggered when the selected index changes.

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