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Carriage return metacharacter "\r" in Regular Expression

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How is metacharacter "\r" used in regular expression?


In regex, "\r" metacharacter is used to match carriage return in a string.

PHP Example:
    $str = "hiox	
    if (preg_match("/\r/", $str, $matches))
     echo "Pattern matches!";
    echo "Pattern not matched!";
    Pattern matches!

In the above regex example the string "$str" has a carriage return, to the next line, so it is matched.

Perl Example:
    #! C:\programfiles\perl\bin\perl
    print "content-type: text/html\n\n";
    $str = "hi how are you";
    if ($str =~ m/\r/)
     {print "It's matched!";} 
     {print "It's not matched!";}
    It's not matched!

In the above "\r" metacharacter example for regex, there are no "carriage return" in the string, so its unmatched.


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