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Array values from javascript to php

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How to carry an array value from javascript to php?


The javascript array values can be passed to a php file using the following method

Step 1:

Let us consider we have a js array as
<script language=javascript>
scriptAr = new Array();
scriptAr[0] = "one";
scriptAr[1] = "two";
scriptAr[2] = "three";

Step 2:
Now we will create a hidden form field as follows
<form action="phpArrayTest.php" method=post name=test onSubmit=setValue()>
<input name=arv type=hidden>
<input type=submit>

Here what we have done is, when the submit is called we first do some work ("onSubmit=setValue()") by using the onSubmit method. The onSubmit method will invoke setValue() function defined by us. After that the action will take place and stringTokens.php will be called.

Step 3:
Here we define the setValue method. The method will convert the array periviously defined in to a string and then set it to the hidden field.

<script language=javascript>

function setValue()
var arv = scriptAr.toString();
// This line converts js array to String document.test.arv.value=arv;
// This sets the string to the hidden form field. }

Step 4:
In the php file the string will be split back into array.

A Note

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