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Using the Horizontal/Vertical Type Mask Tool

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How to use the Type Mask Tool in Adobe Photoshop?
Horizontal and Vertical Masking Tools.


  • The Type Mask Tool allows you to cut letters out of a background.
  • It consists of two types: Horizontal and Vertical Mask Tool.
  • The "Horizontal Type Masking tool" is used to mask the background image into the text typed horizontally.
  • The "Vertical Type Masking tool" is used to mask the background image into the text typed vertically.
  • Before typing the text, set the Font type, style, Size, Anti-aliasing, in the "Options Bar".
  • In this video tutorial, we have used a flower background.
  • Just select the type of mask tool from toolbar, and enter some text.
  • Copy and Paste the text in a different layer, as the text will have the masked image.
  • This tool is available in the Photoshop CS version.

Video Tutorial:

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