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Ternary Operators

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How to use ternary operators in javascript?

Ternary Operator:
As the name indicates ternary operators take three operands. The syntax is condition ? result1 : result2;.

Here you use a condition before question mark (?) followed by result 1 and result 2 separated by a colon (:). Result1 is called if the condition is satisfied else result2 is called.

Example 1:
<script language=javascript>
var b=5;
(b == 5) ? a="true" : a="false";
document.write(" --------------------------- "+a);


Example 2:
<script language=javascript>
var b=true;
(b == false) ? a="true" : a="false";
document.write(" --------------------------- "+a);


A Note
Javascript (JS) is one of the most used languages in the world. Some times spelled as Java Script. Hope you enjoy this tutorial. Do send your feedback or suggestions on this javascript or java script tutorial. This is a copyright content.

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