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Window Open Method

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How to create or open a new browser window using javascript?
Can we handle the size, position, location of new browser window?


Object: Window

Method or Function: open(url,name[,properties])

Opening a new window?:
Open method or function is used to create or open new browser window in javascript. We have to pass two arguments url path and a name for that window. The window will be blank if you pass empty string ("") for url.

Example: Opening a link/url on button click
<script language=javascript>


Opening a new window with specified size, height, location, menu, status, scroll bar, etc..:
The new browser window can be created with specified height, width, location and other properties. These properties have to be passed as the third argument separated by comma.

Syntax: open("url","name","height=200,width=200,location=true,...");

The following table shows all the possible option that can be used while opening a new browser window.
Height Integer used to set the height of the new window. Code:

Width Integer used to set the width of the new window. Code:
open("", "", "height=150,width=150");

Location Boolean used to display / hide the location bar in the new window. location bar is the place in the browser where the url is displayed. Code:
open("", "", "height=250,width=250, location=yes");

Resizable Boolean if resizable is set to yes, window resizing can be done by users. By default the window resizing is disabled. Code:
open("", "", "height=250,width=250, resizable=yes");

Menubar Boolean used to display/hide the Menu bar in the new browser window. Code:
open("", "", "height=250,width=250, menubar=yes");

Scrollbars Boolean Scrollbars option is used to display/hide scroll bars in the new browser window. Code:
open("", "", "height=250,width=250, scrollbars=yes");

Status Boolean Status option is used to display / hide the status bar in new browser window. Code:
open("", "", "height=250,width=250, status=yes");

Toolbar Boolean Toolbar option is used to display / hide the tool bar in new browser window. Code:
open("", "", "height=250,width=250, toolbar=yes");


A Note
Javascript (JS) is one of the most used languages in the world. Some times spelled as Java Script. Hope you enjoy this tutorial. Do send your feedback or suggestions on this javascript or java script tutorial. This is a copyright content.

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