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How to Change the Colors


How to change/replace the colors in GIMP?


* This option allows the user to replace the colors of an image with the specified shades.

Steps to Follow:

- Start GIMP.

- Launch a new image file.

Change the Colors in GIMP

- To select a whole image, just press Ctrl+A.

- If needed, the user can pick a portion of an image and apply this option to view the color effect.

- Now click Colors -> Colorify.

Replace Colors

- Then a box gets displayed with three different options namely, Preview, Zoom and Custom color.

Modify Colors in GIMP

- Set the Preview option to view the image while applying changes. It is also used to maximize and minimize the image.

- The above image shows the preview along with Zoom option to enlarge/minimize the picture.

- There are seven Custom colors available in the "Colorify" toolbox.

- Choose any one of the colors to replace the existing color of an image for e.g. Green Color.

- Finally click the Ok button.

- Now view the below image replaced by Green Color.

Replacing Colors

- At last, click File->Save button to save the file.

A Note

Simple tutorial with regard to the photoshop GIMP. Hope you enjoy this learning this. Suggestions and feedbacks about this GIMP / GNU Image Manipulation Program tutorial are welcomed. This is a copyright content.

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