Flash Tutorial

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Video Tutorial Index
Shortcut Keys
Flash Environment
Timeline Window
Flash Tools
New Document
Edit fla file
Save file
Import pictures
Image Alignment
Using Filters
Motion Tween
Shape Tween
Rotate Objects
Mask Animation
Motion Guide
Copy, Paste Frames
Copy, Paste Motions
Flash Symbols
Add sound
Flash Forms
Ask Your Doubts

Flash Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial Index:

Shortcut keys in Flash

Shortcut keys

Flash Environment

Stage Window
Properties Window
Library Window

Timeline Window

Window Layers
Hide,Lock layers

Tools in Flash

Flash Tools

New Document

Create a new document

Open a new File

Edit fla file

Saving a Flash

Save file

Import files

Import Pictures

Images Alignment

Alter Pictures

Filter Effects

Flash Filters


Brush Tool
Object Drawing
Paint Normal
Paint Fills
Paint behind
Paint selection
Paint Inside
Eraser Tool
Eye Dropper
Free transform
Gradient Transform
Hand,Zoom tool
Ink,Paint Bucket
Lasso Tool
Line Tool
Oval Primitive
Oval Tool
Pencil Tool
Pen Tool
Polystar Tool
Rectangle Primitive
Selection Tool
Text Tool

Motion Tween Animation

Motion Tween

Shape Tween in Flash

Shape Tween

Objects Rotating

Rotate objects

Mask Animation in Flash

Mask Animation

Motion Guide Tween

Motion Guide

Copy and Paste Frames

Copy,Paste frames

Copy and Paste Motion Tween

Copy,Paste motions

Flash Symbols

Insert symbols
Movie Clip
Graphic symbol
Button symbol
Object to Symbol

Sound/Audio in flash

Add Sound

Flash Forms


Action Scripting in Flash

Basic Actions
Instance names


Flash is a 2D animation software used widely for multimedia applications. It was launched by Macromedia in 1996, but Macromedia was acquired by Adobe in 2005. So the popularly known "Macromedia Flash" became "Adobe Flash".

Flash is based on vector graphics that enables to upload or download files very fast. Recent time's flash animations are used in ads, websites, movies, online games. It has the advanced action scripting to add perfection to the animations.

Flash animations or movies are very much compatible to all known browsers and operating systems.

A Note
Flash is one of the most used 2D animation tool in the world. With simple introduction, basic animation and examples, begin creating flash movies on your own. Hope you enjoy this tutorial. Do send us your feedback or suggestions on this video tutorial. This is a copyright content.

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