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CSS Background Image

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How to set a background image in html using css?


Property: BackGround Image

background-image: url('image.jpg');
background-image: none;

Background Image can be set using the tag background-image.
It takes the image in url as said in the example.

a) Url("image directory"). We have to set the image path inside the tag url. It accepts either of the given values.
b) None, if no background image is required.


Example 1:
<div style="background-image: url('test.jpeg');"> color name <br><br><br></div>


color name

Example 2:
<font style="background-image: none; background-color: green; "> color using hex values <br><br><br><br></font>


color using hex values

Now you can see that the image test has been set as background for the div tag.
As none is set for font tag (example 2). Nothing shows up there.

Background Color Background repeat

A Note
CSS - Cascading Style Sheets can be used along with html tags as explained in this site. This simple CSS will help you to create much elegant and neat html web pages. This does not need any additional softwares or codings. All web browser are capable of handing CSS codes.

Note 2: If required you can using <span> instead of <div> tags. div tag will start and end on new lines. span will not exceed the tag area.
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