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Multiple Star Rating Script - PHP Rating System


Multiple Star Rating Script, with PHP and JQuery support, is used to place five (5) star ratings on web pages.
It can be used a number of times in a single page to rate different photos / images / articles in a page. The unique feature of this script is that it functions without page reloading.

a) Multiple star rating system can be used on a photo or a picture in a web page.
b) Allows users to rate / rank a product, music, video, picture or any other listing you have on your web site.
c) A database based script written in php that can be used across any number of web pages.
d) Prevents duplication of votes as it accepts rating only once from an IP address.
e) The ratings are displayed on a scale of 1-5 stars.
f) Easy to install and use.

Consider there are multiple pictures on a page. When you rate the first picture as 4 stars, only the rating of the first picture gets updated. The vote of the other images will not be updated until you rate it separately.

Note: Your *.html file should be changed as *.php files.


Test Link 1: Your Rating: [ 6613 ]
  Rate this page:

Test Link 2: Your Rating: [ 4381 ]
  Rate this page:

Test Link 3: Your Rating: [ 3955 ]
  Rate this page:

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Version 1.0
Release Date - 25/08/2011
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For Installation / Customization -

Follow the instructions given in the README file.

Your files should be named with .php extension. [if your filename is test.html, rename it as test.php]

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