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Horizontal News Ticker Script

Horizontal news ticker or scroller is a php script that helps users to shows html text links in a scrolling format.
The text scrolling speed can be controlled dynamically and will stop moving when mouse is moved over.
This is free web site news scroller script.

a)Horizontal NEWS TICKER enables users to have numerous text links scroll as news.
b)Text with links can be given in a separate text file.
c)The speed of the scroller can be dynamically controlled.
d)The width, height and speed of scrolling can be controlled.
e)The text stops moving when mouse is moved over.
f)Color and Look and Feel are configurable.
g)Ease of use.

Version 1.0 -
Release Date - 02/11/2007
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a)unzip, You will get HHNT/news.txt, HHNT/colors.txt, HHNT/hhnt.php

ADDING / Editing NEWS:
b)edit the file and add/edit HHNT/news.txt

c)follow the same format as defined in the file.

d)Give read(644) permission such for news.txt and colors.txt (only of Linux users).

Setting colors, speed and height:
e)Colors, speed and height can be changed using the file HHNT/colors.txt.

f)Admin can copy the code from HHNT/admin/code.php and paste this horizontal news ticker or scroller code where ever you want to display HHNT.

NOTE 1: An example file path
Your test file - /public_html/test-news-ticker.php
HHNT package - /public_html/HHNT/*
NOTE 2: Your file's should be named with .php extension. [if your filename is test.html rename it to test.php]

Register for new version updates.

- This PHP code is given under GPL License
- i.e. Free use for those who use it as it is.
- Free, if your modification does not remove our copyright information and links.
- Detailed License information can be found here
- You can purchase the script if your requirements does not meet GPL License terms.
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