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JSP Star Rating System Script

FREE Five Star Rating System Script that can be added in any web page with jsp support.
A file based script developed using jsp.
This give your users a chance to rate on your articles, tutorials, photos, images or whatever you want on a scale of 1-5 stars.

a) FREE 5 Star Rating System that can be added in to any web page to rate articles, tutorials, photos and images.
b) File based script to rate your web page.
c) Script displays the average of ratings on a scale of 1-5 Stars.
d) No configurations required
e) Easy to install and use.
f) The script checks for duplicate votes by checking the clients IP address.
g) The script rating will be specific to web pages.
h)URL based rating.
E.g: ./index.php and ./index.php?arg=1 will be treated as different web pages.

Note: Your *.html file should be changed as *.php files.

Version 1.0 - HSR.zip
Release Date - 11/06/2008
Get free version without ©copyright link for just 5 price

For customization of this script or any script development, contact us at support@hscripts.com

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b) DB based Rating or voting software.
c) Advanced Review System.
d) File based JSP Rating or Voting System.


a) Unzip the HSR.zip, you will get the files.
b) Create txt file and store the ip,url,date and ratevalue.
c) Set read, write permission for the file HSR/createfile.txt,HSR/passwo.jsp.
d) Visit HSR code page using HSR/code.jsp.
e) Get the code from the page and use in other pages where ever you want Star Rating System to be shown.

Register for new version updates.

- The JSP (Java Servlets) script download is given under GPL License
- i.e. Free use for those who use it, as it is.
- Free, if your modification does not remove our copyright information and links.
- For Detailed License information Click Here
- You can purchase the script if your requirements doesn't meet GPL License terms.
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