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Jquery Scripts

 Slide Show Effects
Shuffle Effect
Zoom Effect
Curtain Fall
Fade Effect
Curtain X
Slick Slideshow
Sliced Image Slider
Coda Slider Effects
Itunes Image Slider
Image Slide Show
Shutter Effects
Shuffle Transition
Rotating Picture Slide show
Moving Boxes
Image Gallery
Featured Content Slider
Multimedia Portfolio Slider
Expanding Image Menu
Curtain Up
Fading Effect
Ken Burns Effect
Jquery Cube Transition
Horizontal Image Slider
Space Gallery
Accordion Image Gallery

 Page Effects
Page Flip Effect
Page Scroll Effect
Image Slider With Pagination
Mini Help System
Flip Book Effect

 Captcha Image Verification
Captcha Code Generator

 Form Effects
Autocomplete Search

 Text Effects
Spinning Text Effect
Text Transition
Color Changing Text
Twitch Text Effect
Sliding Letter Effect
Fly Text Effect
Explode/Implode Text
Mouseover Text Effect
Sine Wave Text Effect
Happy Birthday Script
Shuffle Text Effect

 Photo Effects
Lightbox Effect
Image Flow
3D Cube Effect

 Mouse Effects
Drag and Drop
Drop Down Menu
Image Zoomer
Fish Eye Menu
Tabbed Menu
Image Menu
Shake Effect
Form Field Validation
Inner Zoom Effect
Thumbnail Image Zoom
Table Sorter
Rotating Wheel
Show/Hide Panel
Sliding Text Caption
Diagonal Slide
Show More Text
Horizontal Text Slider
Switchy/Draggable SelectBox
Image Grayscale Hover Effect
Slicedown Hover Effect

 Menu Effects
TreeView Menu
Hover Effect
Panel Menu Slider
Dancing Menu
Spinning Menu
Vertical dropdown Menu
Vertical Accordion Menu
Rolling Menu
Menu Shake Effect

Memory Game
Typing Letters Game
Math Game

Good collection of jquery scripts which are used by thousands of websites around the world. Make use of the simple copy and paste codes into your web pages. The examples are free to download.

Start downloading our free Jquery script examples which are commonly used in all web applications.

With our expertise and knowledge, hscripts are also developing scripts to handle customer needs. Contact us at support@hscripts.com for outsourcing script and programs, projects or product development.

- This Jquery code is given under GPL License
- i.e. Free use for those who use it as it is.
- Free, if your modification does not remove our copyright information and links.
- Detailed License information can be found here
- You can purchase the script if your requirements does not meet GPL License terms.
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