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Free Java Script Codes
Javascript List All
Slide Show Slide Show
Ad Display Ad Display
Image Effect Image Effect
Animated Image Effects Animated Image Effects
Form Validation Form Validation
Color Picker Tool Color Picker Tool
Formatting Forms Formatting Forms
Select All Select All
Dynamic Form Select Dynamic Form select
Dynamic Color Dynamic Color
Dynamic Color Calendar
Textbox Counter Textbox Counter
Alphanumeric Alphanumeric
Date Time Script Date & Time
Stop Watch Script Stop Watch script
Delete Repeated Values Delete Repeated Values
Pagination Pagination
Random Generator Random Generator
Animated Text Animated Text
Cursor Position Cursor Position
User Info Window / User Info
Security Security / Authenticate
Bookmark Bookmark
Mouse Effects Mouse Effects
Title Bar Title Bar
Status Bar Status Bar
Country List Country List
Free Games Free Games
Calculators Calculators

Javascript Scripts - Free Download

 Slide Shows
Javascript Slide Show
Image Slide Show
Imagemenu Script

 Ad Display

 Image effects
Change Image onMouseover
Drop Down Image Select
Image Tooltip Table
Image Zoom In and Out Script

 Animated Image Effect
Leaf / Snow fall
Cursor trail
Eye on Cursor
Toggle/Expander Script
Chart Animation Script

 Form validation
Validate Single Mailid
Multiple Mailid
Domain Name Validation
Remove HTML Tag
HTML Tag Validation
Find Integer or not
HTML Tag Encoder
Present in Array
Integers with Two decimal
Alphanumeric Characters
Auto Sum Generation
Enable Submit Button
Terms and Conditions
Rounding Decimals
Accept Only Alphabets
Caps Lock Detector

 Free Color picker Script
Select color from pallete

 Formatting Forms
Lowercase Coverter
Uppercase Converter
Rich Text Editor

 Selection Scripts
Select all checkbox
Select Div tag area
Select text area
Auto Checkbox Select
Tree Menu

 Dynamic Form
Dynamic Form
Move Listbox Values
Autocomplete Formfield
Meta Tags Generator

 Dynamic Color Change
Background color change
HTML Table color change

 Calendar Scripts
Calendar download
Popup Calendar

 Character Counter
Count characters
Word Counter

 Alphanumeric Valdation
Alphanumeric Validation

 StopWatch Java Script
Stop Watch with lapse
Stop Watch JavaScript
Stop Watch Script

 Remove Duplicate values
Remove and combine
Delete from single array
Delete repeated values

Tabination Script
Ajax Pagination Script

 Animated Text
Rainbow Text
Zoom Text

 Random Generator
Free Random Number Script
Random quote generator

 Position Scripts
Drag and Drop
Cursor Position
Scroll Position
HTML Element Position
Cursor Position in Staus bar

 Window / Browser / User Info
User OS Info
Browser Info
Screen Resolution
Visitor Duration
Resize Browser Window
Last Visit
Login Using Cookie
Number Of Visits
Time Spent on Web page
Disable back button
Last Login Date/Time
Earthquake Effect
Print This Page

 Security Java script
Right click Disable
Disable Parent Window
Password Validation
Password Strength Checker

 Bookmark Javascript

 Mouse Effects
Change Mouse cursor
Mouse Effects

 Title Effects
Animated Title
Scrolling Title
Blinking Title

 Status Bar Effect
Scrolling Bar
Dancing Bar
Blinking Bar

 Country List
Countries Money Name
Countries Currency Symbol
Foreign Currency Symbol
World Country language
Select Country List

 Game Source Code
Hangman source code
Minesweeper game
N Puzzle Game
Checkbox Click Game
Dice Simulator
Box-in Game
Buzzy Game
Tetris Game

 Calculator Scripts
Age Calculator
Aspect Ratio Calculator
Basic Calculator
Bandwidth to Byte values
Bandwidth From Byte values
Base Converter
BMI Calculator
chmod Calculation
4-digit Chmod Calculator
Calorie Calculator
Life Insurance Calculator
Vehicle Loan EMI Calculator
Second Fourth Saturday
Decimal to Binary Calculation
Minutes to Hours Converter
NPR Calculation
NCR Calculation
RPN Calculator
Scientific Calculator
Advanced Scientific Calculator
Temperature Converter
Cricket average calculator
Numeral to Roman Converter
Roman to Numeral Converter
Prime Number Calculator
Length Calculator
File Download Time
Loan Calculator
Quadratic Equation
SquareRoot Calculator
World Population Counter
Born Weekday
GCD Calculator
LCM Calculator
Prime Factor
Palindrome Checker
Ratio Calculator
Number to Words Converter
Factorial Number Calculator

Find here an sample collection of javascript scripts for free download. Java script example codes for web developers and programmers for free. Simple copy and paste codes for use into your web pages.

These javascript example codes are prebuilt, which are ready to use in your websites or web pages. Easy to download and install.
Hscripts also involves in developing customized and user specific scripts. For any requirements on outsourcing/script/project/product development, do get in touch with us

- The javascript (misspelled as java script) is given under GPL License
- i.e. Free use for those who use the codes as it is.
- Free, if your modification does not remove our copyright information and links.
- Click Here for detailed license information.
- You can purchase the script if your requirements does not meet our GPL License terms.
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